How Effective is Restylane Vital-Light Around the Eyes?

How effective is Restylane VItal-Light around the eyes, epecially for under eye hollows, with the use of the special new Q-Med’s patented Restylane Injector? Thank you.

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I do not recommend filler injections around the eyes

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While many doctors do inject fillers into the dark circles and hollows under the eyes--I do not--and the companies that make it do not recommend it.

I have seen many complications from injecting facial fillers like Restylane under the eyes. The skin is so thin that it is common to see lumps and discoloration when these products are injected beneath the eye.

There has also been a reported case of blindness in England following a filler injection around the eye.

If you have dark circles under the eyes or tear trough deformity or hollow eyes the best correction is with a transconjunctival arcus marginalis release with fat repositioning or grafting.

See before and after pictures here.

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