Restylane Surgery for 16 Year Old (Dark Circles) in London?

H, my 16 year old son has dark circles and wants to get rid of them with restylane but because of his age I am yet to find someone willing to do it. Does anyone know someone in or around London who would be able to do this? Thanks

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I wanted to let you know that our site is a good resource to find doctors in your areas for man different procedures/treatments. I have provided a link below that will direct you the our Restylane doctors page, and it should locate your area. You also have the option to search by area.

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Restylane and dark circles

If you haven't first met with your primary care provider, I would suggest doing that before considering cosmetic procedures for your son. Dark circles can be indicative of other issues, like a food or environmental allergy.

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Restylane on people under 18

I can only comment on U.S. practices, but one is allowed to perform procedures on those under 18 as long as parents sign all the consents and understand that they are fully responsible. Finding someone to do the procedure may be harder, but please make sure that you find someone who is experienced and legitimate.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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