Is Restylane Safe for Under the Eyes?

If used under the eyes, would it be considered "off label"?

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Yes, it would be off label, but safe when by an experienced injector

While restylane itself is safe, it is important to go to an experienced injector, especially for this area. If you go to someone who isn't it is possible you will have a worse looking area after the injection than before the procedure. The reason for this is that the anatomy of the area is very challenging. Additionally, not all patients are even candidates for restylane in this area and if you go to someone who doesn't understand this (or doesn't care), you will end up worse, rather than better.

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Restylane is very safe and effective for under-eye treatment


Restylane is very safe and effective for the under-eye shadow or hollow that can occur with aging. It is extremely important to have an experienced physician/surgeon such as a facial or other plastic surgeon perform the procedure rather than nurse injectors or aestheticians. I recommend an evaluation by a qualified and experienced M.D. to see what options are best for you.

Jason D. Meier, MD
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Off label but safe in experiencd hands

Technically this is an off label application of Restylane but it can yield dramatic results that cannot be achieved by surgery in certain kinds of lower lid patients.  The key is to have a very experienced M.D. do the injections near the eyes, not an aesthetician or nurse. 

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Restylane under the eyes

Hi Aloha150,

Yes, Restylane is safe under the eyes. The hyaluronic acid facial fillers (Restylane and Juvederm most notably) are a naturally occuring substance that your body absorbs over time, typically 6-9 months. In the area below the eyes, the nasojugal fold or tear trough, the skin is thin. For this reason, any filler used in this area must be soft and without particulate matter (like Radiesse, for example). Restylane and Juvederm are perfect for this indication. And yes, it is considered to be "off-label" but don't let that scare you. Plastic surgeons (and many other physicians) use many different products "off-label" all the time in a safe manner that is well-within the standard of care. Good luck!

Elan B. Singer, MD
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Yes it is safe for your eyes.

Restylane is very helpful for many people to improve the appearance of there eyes. This is an off label treatment but it has been done safely for years. Like everything in cosmetic surgery, the treatment needs to be customized for your needs and it is important to see an expert in the type of treatment you would like. Some important points about Restylane and your eyes.

  1. If you have ocular allergies (your eyes itch and swell) then Restylane under your eyes may cause you to swell a lot.
  2. The same is true if your eyes are frequently swollen when you wake up.
  3. If you have large bags under your eyes, you may be better off with surgery. To remove the bags

However the best way to decide if this treatment is right for you is to see an expert for an evaluation.

Marc Cohen, MD
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Restylane under the eyes

Restylane injected under the eyes into the "tear trough" is a useful, effective, and safe off-label treatment to reduce the darkness/shadowing and hollowness under the eyes when performed by experienced injectors such as dermatologists or plastic surgeons. 

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon
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