Can Restylane Work for Puffy Eyes?

Since i gave birth, i have puffy eyes and im considering having restylane injections.
there are any side effects?

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Fillers can help

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Restylane is a filler and can be used along the bottom edge of a puffy eyelid to mask the problem.

However, it is not a permanent solution. Swelling is a common side effect from the injection. Your eyes could possibly take up to a week for the swelling to go down.

Most women are satisfied with the results, but the treatment usually only lasts 2-6 months.

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Restylane for Puffy Eyes

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  • Restylane can be a beneficial solution to your puffy eyes.  As we age, there may be fat loss in our cheeks and under our eyes.  This can also cause the fat pads under the eyes to bulge, giving a puffy look under our lower lash line.  Restylane injected in the lower border, just below the fat pad of the eye, can can smooth out the area and make the fat pads (and under eye puffiness) less noticeable.  
  • This being said, if the puffiness is not a reflection of fat loss, fillers may not be your best option.  Hyaluronic acid fillers are most often used to treat skin that has lost volume and elasticity.  These fillers are used to 'bring up' tissue in depressed areas such as sunken cheeks and deep facial lines.  Using Restylane under the eyes has the potential to merely give you more structure under the eye, which may or may not result in your desired outcome.
  • Restylane also carries significant side effects (especially when used under the eye), such as redness, swelling, bruising, and red/thickened nodules at the injection site.  These normally last only a few days, but in some cases, may last several weeks. 
  • Please make sure you have a consultation with a board certified dermatologist/cosmetic surgeon before your Restylane procedure.  And make sure your physician has extensive experience with fillers and under eye treatment - do not have your injections from anyone else.  This is very important, so you do not walk away from your procedure with negative results. 



Restylane for Puffy Eyes - Subtraction by Addition

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Restylane and other similar Hyaluronic Acid (HA) products can work for puffy lower eyelids, but how it works is both different from its use to fill other wrinkles and lines in the face, and similar in other respects.

When used to fill laugh lines and facial wrinkles, or to plump the lips, Restylane is injected into an area (wrinkle or crease) that is either "depressed" or lower in height than the surrounding area, or into an area that is "deficient" in volume, as in the case of thin lips.

With puffy lower eyelids, the causative problem is generally not the bulging fat pocket of the lower eyelid, but rather the retraction of the cheek downwards as a result of gravity. This causes a triple contour of the lower eyelid and cheek, with a hollow-appearing area along the bony orbital rim between the puffy lower eyelid and the normal cheek. Previously, fat removal from the lower eyelid was recommended to treat this condition, but often the results were disappointing.

Restylane is injected into the trough under the puffy lower eyelid fat and above the cheek in order to fill the hollow. By adding volume to this area, the dark circle can be hidden by raising it to the height of the surrounding areas, creating a highlight in place of a shadow.

The potential side-effects include lumps or irregularities in the injection areas, translucent "bubbles" under the skin in the injection area if the Restylane or HA material is injected too superficially, and other exceedingly rare complications including blindness.

By adding Restylane or other HA to the dark circle, you can subtract the circle, and create a highlight in place of a shadow. This is subtraction by addition.

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