What's a Good Age to Start Restylane?

I'm 31 and just starting to notice subtle nasolabial folds. I don't have any wrinkling, good skin otherwise, no sun damage and don't smoke. (natural complexion is olive).

When should I consider Restylane? Does starting early prevent worsening in the long run? Or would it be the same as if I started at 35? I saw a picture of twins - one started w/ Botox in her 20's and looked younger than the one who started 10 yrs later. thanks

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Early use of Restylane to prevent wrinkles

Hi Curious,

As Dr. Persky pointed out, there are studies that show that early use of dermal filler products like Restylane stimulate the production of fibroblasts which in turn create new collagen.

We have many patients in their mid twenties to early thirties that have begun to use Botox and dermal fillers at the earliest signs of wrinkle (and fold) development because that want to take a preventative approach.

Ultimately, the choice of when to start is yours and yours alone, but if you decide to start sooner than later, know that you are not alone.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Early use of Restylane to prevent wrinkles

Thank you for your question. If folds have begun to appear, then you are good candidate or dermal fillers. Your lines may not get as deep if you start treatment sooner. If you wait to treat your lines and they become deep folds, then it harder to give them correction. I recommend having a consultation with an expert to discuss your concerns and to determine the best treatment plan for you. Best of Luck

Hardik Soni, MD
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician
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Treating with Fillers Maintains a Youthfull Look!

As you are implying, the longer you wait to fill deep lines and wrinkles, the more it will take for a "catch up" with dermal fillers.  Faces age naturally with age and obvious lifestyle habits ( poor nutrition, excessive sun exposures and smoking ) will expedite aged looks.

Ronald Moser, MD
San Juan Capistrano Physician
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Fillers and wrinkles

Fillers are good for filling depressions in many areas of the face.  I have treated women in their early 30's but could't tell you unless I saw you for an exam.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Restylane...What is the Best Age to Start

Hi CCat,

Studies a few years ago from the University of Michigan (Go Blue) showed that hyaluronic acids (Restylane, Juvederm, Preville Silk) stimulate the body to form collagen where it is injected.

In some areas the effect is incredible. When the forehead "11" lines are injected with both Botox and hyaluronic acid filler simultaneously, more often than not the line does not return even after the Botox has worn off.

In the nasolabial folds, there is also some collagen production. We find that when the filler wears off, usually the lines are not as deep.

A recent episode of "Nip/Tuck" had Dr. Troy injecting his 1 year old daughter's lips so that her mother could make some money from the infants modeling. One year old is a little early to start, but add say 3 decades as in your case and if the lines are bothering you, go ahead and get treated.

Choose your injecting physician carefully. Waiting till you are 35 will not really make a difference in the big picture.

Be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Restylane is not a preventive

Botox works on dynamic wrinkles. If the muscles causing them are relaxed these wrinkles are generally going to be less prominent. Many of us who have been using Botox for some time are now seeing that patients who have "stuck wilth the program" have a younger looking face than their cohorts.

However, Restylane does not do this. It effects lines at rest and does not interfere with their production. Therefore, I would tell you to start using Restylane when your lines bother you, not as any sort of preventive measure.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist
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If you have folds, you are a candidate

If the folds have begun, then you are a candidate for fillers. If you start sooner rather than later, your eventual lines may not get as deep. When people do wait for the lines to become deep folds, then it is harder to give full correction.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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