How to Wear Down Restylane Faster?

Is there any way to wear down Restylane faster in the lips without injection? My top lip looks way too big.  Will it also affect facial muscles?

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Without injections of hyaluronidase, you can not "wear down" restylane. The product will probably last 4-6 months in the lip.  So your only option for immediate treatment if you do not like it, is the first.

There is no reason to be unhappy with a Restylane tretment

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Dear Erina

I assume you are reluctant to have an injection to modify your lip Restylane because the initial treatment was so uncomfortable. I do have patients who can tolerate having their lips treated with Restylane without a nerve block but not many.

The best way to modify your treatment is to use the enzyme hyaluronidase to soften the lip treatment. This is an art form just like filling a lip. I am going to guess that if you are not happy with the way your original doctor placed the Restylane, it is likely that you may not like the way that doctor might modify your lip fill.

Shaping a Restylane treated lip with hyaluronidase should be done in stages so that the lip is not just emptied out. After all, you did pay for the service, and it is likely that so fill is helpful just not all the volume you have.

I personally prefer not to use a nerve block when adjusting a Restylane treatment just to have a high degree of accuracy in performing the treatment modification. However, undoing a treatment is not nearly as uncomfortable as having the initial treatment.

Dr. Steinsapir

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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No fast way to wear down Restylane

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Unfortunately, there is no proven fast way of getting rid of Restylane other than using the injection hyaluronidase.

If your upper lip is looking big, it is possible that your lower lip is too thin and needs augmentation to maintain the balance between the upper and lower lip. You should discuss this with your doctor.

There is a way, but you will need an injection

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It is common to have swelling after Restylane injections. When that happens, it seems like too much was injected. This swelling tends to go away over one to two weeks.

If more than a few weeks have passed then the issues is probably not swelling and the fullness is being caused by the Restylane. There is no really effective way to get rid of Restylane more quickly than it will naturally dissolve other than with an injection. There are really two choices.

  1. A small cut can me made in the lip and the Restylane can often be messaged out (by your doctor-do not try this yourself)
  2. The better choice is an injection of Hyaluronidase that will dissolve the Restylane completely in less than one day. The Hyaluronidase injection is an easy process that is much less to go through than the original injection because it involves many fewer injections and a very small amount of medication injected.

You should have no permanent changes from the Restylane if you let it dissolve on its own or if you speed things up with a Hyaluronidase injection.

Hope this helps.

Marc Cohen, MD
Philadelphia Oculoplastic Surgeon
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