Restylane lip filler bad reaction! What can i do?

I have been using teosyal on my lips once a year since 2010. 2013 i went to another doct. and he used restylane. 2 months after I start to feel my lips sawlow and pain. he said it should be a bad reaction and inject cortisone. Repeat the treat. 2 times more + an antibiotic. Next time ialuronidase only in one side of the lip. After 2 days the side that he didn't put ialur. swallow. It was really big and hurts. Then he inject cortisone on this side. It has been 8 and the problem continues.

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No filler for the moment.

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I would strongly suggest to avoid all fillers until this problem has been resolved.  If possible could you please post a picture.
After the problem has been resolved I would suggest either fat transfer or a permanent lip implant.
All the best!
Dr. Tony Perkins.

Short Hills Physician

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