Can Restylane Be Used in Lips for Patients Under 21?

I was planning on getting Restylane injections soon but i recently looked over the Restylane website and read that it cant be used in the lips unless the patient is 21+. I'll only be turning 20 in a couple months but the surgeon i consulted with didnt mention anything about it. Can I still have the injections or do I have to wait?

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Can Restylane Be Used in Lips for Patients Under 21?

Restlane can be applied to help enhance the volume of the lips, it's not a permanent filler and can last anywhere from 6-8 months. Patients under the age of 18 would have to provide consents from there legal guardian 

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Restylane Under 21

Restylane can be used in the lips of a patient of any age.  Anyone under 18 would need a legal guardian present for the consent forms.

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Restylane under 21

    The off label useage of Restylane is legal in anyone over 18 years old including in the lips. Company studies were conducted on older group patients hence the warning. However all that matters is FDA compliance  

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Fillers Also Work Well For Lip Augmentation in Younger Persons

Since Restylane obtained its original FDA-approval for use in persons over twenty-one, the company is not permitted to promote its use in those younger than that. However, physicians may legally use any product that has achieved FDA-approval status for indications and in individuals that fall outside the range of the company's restricted ability to promote. This means that Restylane, and other fillers and volumizers that have garnered FDA-approval, may be, and ARE routinely, used by experienced injectors in individuals below the age of 21. 

Hyaluronic acid fillers work well for lip augmentation, whether for accentuating the white roll areas surrounding the lip, defining the vermilion border between the red and white portions of the lip, creating or accentuating the Cupid's Bow or the Philtral Columns, or adding body and appropriate pout to the red lips. I find that areas that those areas that need lift, such as the tubercles, do well with Restylane. Those that need a smoother contouring and tapering do well with Juvederm. For this reason, when tailoring my approach to individual needs, I often combine fillers to achieve the desired effect(s). A consultation with an aesthetic physician experienced in nonsurgical lip augmentation is a must.

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Restylane to enhance lips

Restylane can be used to enhance lips in patients over age 21 and treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles.

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Lip injection for patients under 21

Yes, Restylane may be an option for appropriate patients under 21. It works similarly to enhance the lips by adding volume regardless of age. While most women loose lip volume naturally with age, some women may always have smaller / thin lips or just want to augment the lips a little bit. 

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Restylane for patients under 21

Yes, physicians can use Restylane in those patients under 21.  It is great that you are doing your homework on the product.  The study for the FDA had patients over 21.  The FDA granted approval for over 21 because of that.  Physicians can use the product in an "off label" fashion.  Most physicians try not to inject patients under 18.  

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
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Can Restylane Be Used in Lips for Patients Under 21?

I have not seen any issues with using Restylane in patients under 21. It will work in exactly the same fashion. The only limitation would be using fillers in someone under 18  as a parent's consent would also be required. However, this will not be an issue for you. I hope you enjoy your filler treatment!

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Restylane unde 21

There is no problem with using Restylane under age 21.  We have had several young women that just desire more volume in their lips and this does well for them

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Restylane can be injected in lips if you're under 21

The reason Restylane stated that you needed to be 21 was because their FDA trials were done on people 21 years and older.  So that's what they got approval for.  It can be used off label for people under 21 in their lips, and anywhere else, as long as its within the standard of care.  Hope you have a doctor who uses cannulas because there is much less bruising, swelling, and discomfort doing it this way.  See my blog below!! Steve Weiner, MD, Destin, Florida.

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