Restylane in Lips After Rhinoplasty?

I had restylane injected into my upper and lower lips after my revision rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago? Will this affect my final result? My surgeon is out of town right now and I live 18 hours away from him, so I didn't think anything about until now because of all the swelling. I am so worried that I made a dumb mistake and did something wrong. I can handle having swollen ugly lips for awhile bc it can be fixed, unlike a rhinoplasty in which is a much more invasive surgery! I feel like such an idiot!

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Restylane and rhinoplasty

Assuming the Restylane was injected in the usual places in the lip, it will not be associated with any poor result from the rhinoplasty.  Additionally, you are not an idiot.  A Facial Plastic Surgeon will listen to what your desires are and come up with a safe way to get there.  

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Restylane in Lips After Rhinoplasty?

 No, the Restylane, in the lips for Lip Augmentation, will not effect the Rhinoplasty results in any way, shape or form. The lips can be swollen for a day or so, which is typical with Lip Augmentation using fillers but it shouldn't be severe.  If you are concerned about the lip shpae, you should see the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did the lip injections for follow up.  

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Lip swelling after Restylane

The lips retain swelling much more than other areas and it is important to ice these areas after treatment for at least 48 hours. If you are unhappy with the condition of the lips after some of the swelling has receded, the antidote can be used to reduce the effect. I usually augment the lips slowly as many patients who express the desire for the treatment then are uncomfortable with the outcome once they see it on their own face and not that of someone on television or in films.

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