Is Restylane a Good Treatment Option for Dark Blue/Purple Undereye Circles That Are Vascular in Nature? (photo)

I've had purple vascular activity in the corners under my eyes for 5 yrs. Seen many docs & tried creams as well as IPL. Most docs say there is little I can do, but it bothers me such that I'm ready to try aggressive treatment like Restylane or more IPL/laser. An oculoplastic surgeon said Restylane was an option, but wasn't sure of results. It's clear the discoloration is not just shadowing, but I also see the area is hollow overall. Would Restylane help me or just accentuate the discoloration?

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Restylane and discoloration

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Based on your photo's, it's difficult to determine if you have true volume loss or whether the purplish discoloration is caused by something else - allergies, dehydration, etc. I would discuss your concerns first with your primary care provider, then make decisions based on that assessment.

Restylane Restores Lost Volume

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The best treatment depends on the cause of the discoloration.  If the circles are vascular or caused by hyperpigmentation, Restylane may not be the proper treatment for you.  I do use Restylane under the eye a lot with amazing results.  Restylane placed in the tear troughs works great on patients who have lost volume under their eyes.  By filling the area, sunken eyes are brought back to life.  No more dark circles or tired looking eyes. 

Missy Clifton, MD
Bentonville Dermatologist

Restylane works best with dark eye circles caused by shadowing

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Dark circles beneath the eye are common and can be caused my a number of factors such as hollowing, vascularity, being tired, and allergies.  The most common cause in our practice is loss of volume, which causes hollowing.  The hollow areas causes shadowing accentuating a dark appearance.  This hollowing is well treated with Restylane, a filler that plumps the hollow areas.  If there is no hollowing at all, Restylane will have little benefit.  If there is even a small amount of hollowing, Restylane can be beneficial.

Jonathan Sonne, MD
Naples Facial Plastic Surgeon

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