Do I Need Restylane for Vertical Lip Lines or Do I Need Something else? (photo)

I'm 64 years old so I think my vertical lip lines are pretty severe

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Restylane for lip lines

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Restylane is a great product for use in lip lines. I use a lot of Restylane in my practice and the majority of that use is in the lips and around the lips as well as treatment of "tear trough" deformity. In my opinion, it's the best choice for use in/around the lips as it leaves a soft, natural looking/feeling result and has great longevity....about 6 months on average for my patients.

Be certain to choose a provider who has extensive experience in lip the wrong hands, the results and aesthetic can be disastrous....think "bad reality TV star"....I don't have many patients who actually desire to look as if they've had their lips filled. You want a natural look.....that doesn't preclude significant volume simply implies that the Restylane needs to be injected into/around the lips with respect to the natural/normal lip proportions.

Find a reputable, board certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in lip injections. Ask them to show you before and after photos of their work. Research up front ALWAYS pays dividends on the back end. Good luck!

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Vertical lip lines

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Botox works great for the vertical lip lines, and filling the lips with a little bit of Juvederm helps soften the wrinkles as well. I would recommend consult with a board certified dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or facial plastic surgeon. They are all great choices and will be able to provide you with advice. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck. 

Paul S. Nassif, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Vertical lip lines

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Hi Bella, fillers, such as restylane will work but you'll also need to stop the muscles from re-creating the lines, so Botox or Dysport in small doses will need to be added. These treatments will have to be repeated. Laser resurfacing is more lasting and likely will give better result albeit with some down time.

Andrew Pichler, MD
Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Filler or Resurfacing for Lip Lines?

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Thank you for the question and the photos. Fillers (hyaluronic acid type, including Belotero, Restylane, or Juvederm) are a great option for vertical lip lines.  Depending on the filler chosen, and each patient's unique metabolism, these will last around 6 to 9 months.  However, in some cases, the lines are simply too deep for filler to make an obvious difference.  For these patients, I offer fractional CO2 laser resurfacing of the perioral area (around the mouth).  This treatment can provide a significant and much longer-lasting improvement in vertical lip lines.  Best of luck moving forward!

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Vertical lip lines

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Vertical lip line can be treated with neurotoxin or filler or both.  Often I will try with filler first and then neurotoxin.

Best treatment of vertical lip lines

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I believe that hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, or Belotero are the best options for correcting your vertical lip lines. They are easy to use, fairly inexpensive compared to other treatment options, and are very effective.

Options for Upper Lip Lines

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Hi Bella.  There are several potential options as you can see from the posts below.  We prefer one or all of the following.  If we have our choice, we go with a heavy fractional laser resurfacing first (800-1000 microns) of fractional laser resurfacing using the Sciton Profractional.  1 -3 treatments will be required.  This is a much longer duration than the fillers and uses your body's own collagen to improve the issue.

After the resurfacing, if we still have visible lines, we will use a combination of Restylane and Dysport to add volume and relax the muscle around the mouth.  Too much Dysport becomes problematic so make sure you find someone that has done this well many times in the past.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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my favorite filler for the type of lines you have on the lips is fat. it looks very natural, it lasts longer than any filler in the market, its your own fat.

Do I Need Restylane for Vertical Lip Lines or Do I Need Something else?

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Based on the photo provided you would greatly benefit from a filler like Belotero or Restylane. This will help fill in the vertical lines and typically last 6-9 months. Seek a reputable provider who can deliver the results you wish to achieve. 

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