Would Restylane Be Enough for my Under Eye Bags? (photo)

I would love to have a beautiful under eye area. I look sick and tired. Im 27 years old and in the past three years my under eye bags have gotten significantly worse. I believe it might be due to aging and genetics because at 21 the area was smooth and had a lot of volume. I am really unsure of what would be the best course for treatment. Im afraid lower eyelid blephanorasty will leave hollowness and restylane would not deal with the fat. Im open to hearing alternative suggestions

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Restylane for Volume Loss Under the Eyes Los Angeles

Hi Cathy.  You look like a good candidate for Restylane injections.  Restylane has the effect of filling the area under the eyes where volume has been lost, either to age or because of your genetic facial anatomy.  If you click on the link below, you will find pictures of patients that have had this procedure performed.

A consultation would help determine if that is the right option.  We offer free consultations and are located in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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Fillers for under the eyes

Either Juvederm or Restylane would be nice options to consider for under the eyes, to reduce the appearance of a prominent tear trough. Make sure you are injected by an expert injector such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to optimize results and minimize the risk of any side effects.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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Rejuvenate Tired Looking Eyes

Based on your pictures, It looks like Restylane may be a good option for you.  Dark circles and sunken eyes are often caused by loss of volume in the under eye area. I use Restylane in the tear trough area often with amazing results!  I suggest you go to a well-trained provider in your area and see if Restylane is right for you. 

Missy Clifton, MD
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Lower Eyelid Tear Trough

Fillers are a great option to fill in lower eyelid tear trough depressions.  A formal evaluation and consultation is warranted to determine the best treatment for you to achieve fullness while maintaining a natural and balanced appearance.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can best assist you in achieving the results you seek.

Kimberly Lee, MD
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Restylane and lower lid rejuvenation

Based on your photos it appears that you are a good candidate for lower lid rejuvenation with a dermal filler, like Restylane or Juvederm. Without seeing you in person however and examining you, it's difficult to determine what will be the most optimal treatment for your specific needs. Meeting with a reputable, well-trained, and experienced injector will help educate you and hopefully provide you a more rested and youthful appearance you are trying to achieve.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Try combining filler with botulinum toxin

Hyaluronic acid fillers can do a fantastic job of softening the transition between the lower eyelid and the upper cheek. Ask your provider to evaluate you for botulinum toxin in the upper cheek muscle as well. This will further soften the tear trough area and extend the longevity of your filler.

Ramona Behshad, MD
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Restylane for under eyes

Since you are so young I would recommend Restylane. I would wait until you are older for a lower bleph, though that would be good. I don't usually recommend facial plastic surgery on people under 35 because that's when significant changes to facial structure begin to be apparent, so doing surgery too young means you'll most likely need another procedure several years down the line as the facial structure changes. Doing Restylane now, in that area, from a qualified physician injector, should last for a year or more.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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Would Restylane be enough for my under eye bags?

Hello, in reviewing your photos Restylane is a good option for you. It will eliminate the hollows and  is a non surgical solution for someone your age. You can expect some bruising and swelling that should resolve in a few days. Schedule a consultation with a Board Certified Facial Surgeon. Good luck to you.


David Alessi, MD
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Would Restylane Be Enough for my Under Eye Bags? (photo)

Unfortunately, I don't think your question is really answerable without a complete examination.  Restylane would help, but it probably wouldn't address everything.  Consider seeing a qualified eyelid specialist.

Sam Goldberger, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Under eye issues

Photos are very difficult to use to properly evalute the unwer eyes. An in perason evaluation would be best.  Filler sometimes are beneficial to camouflage and then in others sometiems fat excision. Probably the former in someone of your age.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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