Why has restylane double in price where the average person can not afford?

3 years ago I paid 250.00 a syringe! Now it's 500.00 and up! The average person can't afford this!

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Cost of Restylane

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Three years ago, the cost of a syringe at my practice was $600, and it is the same as it is today. Please confirm that it was a whole syringe and actually Restylane that you received.

Why is Restylane going up in cost

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Personally, I have not changed or raised my Restylane prices since 2003. So I can't comment that the price is going up. Additionally, unlike before, Medicis does sometimes offer rebates for Restylane, so if you seek these out it could help with your costs. Just always make sure you see a board-certified physician injector.

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Why has restylane double in price where the average person can not afford?

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I agree, this was possibly a half syringe that you had previously purchased or maybe even a Groupon deal which I don’t recommend on purchasing. The cost of fillers has remained the same for several years now

Price of Restylane

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Aenni1, Are you sure that you are talking about the same size syringe? We have not had a price change for our patients in years. We re paying more for our product but have not passed that along to our patients. I have nort seen much change in our community. We charge $550 for 1ml syringe.

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Birmingham Dermatologist
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