Should I have Restylane dissolved or will eye nodules, swelling and irritation resolve itself in time?

5 weeks ago, had 1 syringe of Restylane on each side, PS wants to do more Restylane to even out areas. I have had ongoing reactions just below lower eyelids with inflammation and hard lumps. Could a lower Bleph w/Canthopexy I had done 2 years ago be causing these problems? Lumps are tender and create odd looking shadows that can't be hidden with makeup. I am out of the state for the next 3 months but can see a doctor here if necessary. What should I be doing as this is very distressing?

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Nodules Under Eyes from Restylane

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If you are having nodules under your eyes I would definitely return to your treating physician for examination.  It sounds like it was either injected too superficially or you may be having an allergic reaction.

Best Treatment for Restylane Filler Nodules

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Any filler can produce nodules if it is injected too superficially or if your tissue reacts to the material in an abnormal way. The material can clump in the tissue, or swelling can develop around the material if your tissue overreacts to it as though it was a foreign material. Restylane is a member of a family of fillers that are made of hyaluronic acid, also called HA. Hyaluronic acid is present in everyone's tissue, so it is usually well accepted by the body. Unfortunately, some people overreact to it.

The HA can be broken down by a drug called hyaluronidase.  So, if a nodule develops, your surgeon may be able to inject hyaluronidase to shrink the HA. However, the hyaluronidase will also shrink your natural HA. It is difficult to shrink the nodule to the exact size desired. As a result a depression may form as the nodule shrinks. If the nodule is very prominent an bothers you a lot, you may want to try to shrink it with hyaluronidase. If it is a small, less conspicuous bump, waiting, massaging and possibly injecting some local anesthetic solution, permit it to shrink naturally and more predictably.

Kevin L. McBride, DDS
Dallas Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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