Restylane and Botox Side Effects on Pregnancy?

I had a Restylane and Botox injected into my face before I knew that I was pregnant (2-3 weeks). What are the possible side effects to my baby? I am very worried, and I would never have had the injections if I knew that there was a chance that I could be pregnant.

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Botox and restylane while pregnant

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I agree with all the other doctors who have responded to your question. Botox in cosmetic doses is extremely unlikely to have caused any harm to your baby. Restylane is even less likely to have resulted in any problems. Maternal stress, however, can contribute to birth defects so please stop worrying. I hope this forum places you at ease and I wish you an uneventful pregnancy - congratulations.

San Diego Dermatologist

Chances are good that there will be no issues

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While no healthcare provider would ever recommend that you have these injections, especially Botox when you are pregnant, neither product used during your procedure are injected in sufficient quantities to be absorbed into your blood stream. There are reports of patients in whom this has occurred, however, no adverse effect on the baby have been reported.

I would definitely make sure to tell your obstetrician about your concerns. Also remember that millions of women drink alcohol before they become aware that they are pregnant, and inadvertently expose their fetus to detectible blood levels of alcohol.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, continue with your prenatal care, and good luck!

Talk to your OB

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Odds are, everything will be fine. That early on in pregnancy, the toxin will likely have no effect at all. The Restylane should be no problem as well.

I always recommend that patients trying to get pregnant do an at home pregnancy test before their elective cosmetic procedure. That way, they do not worry about problems. Doing the test before can avoid unnecessary worrying after.

Congratulations on the baby and take care of yourself.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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The is no evidence that this creates any issues.

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Dear Ginger

No one, no one recommends that you have BOTOX and Restylane if you are pregnant. However, there is absolutely no evidence that you should have any concerns about your recent treatment and your pregnancy. The amount of BOTOX that is used for cosmetic purposes is very small. Most of it is taken up in the muscles treated, leave very little to circulate. The Restylane is made of a sugar gel that occurs naturally in the body. There will likely never be a definitive study of this issue because there is no compelling reason to subject human subjects to such a study. However, there are some studies of women who were treated with BOTOX while pregnant and although these series are small, there were essentially no issues with the pregnancies. Personally, I think this situation occurs all the time. Yes we do ask but if you don't know your pregnant yet, your going to tell your doctor:"I am not pregnant."

I encourage you to discuss the situation with your obgyn. I think she will tell you to relax and not worry about the treatment.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Botox and Restylane while pregnant

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Thank you for your question. I would not worry too much if you had Botox and Restylane and found out you were pregnant. Botox/Restylane works locally where it was injected and the dosing is very small. The makers of Botox/Restylane would never consider sponsoring a study to see the saftey of Botox during pregnancy or breast feeding as it would be too risky for them. Likewise, for physicians. I generally provide reassurance for situations like yours and I do recommend that you stop any future injectable treatments until either the baby is born or until after breast feeding. I would also let you OB know that you had a Botox and Restylane treatment during pregnancy so they are aware.

I'm Pregnant and Had Botox. Will that affect my baby?

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Hi, as the other practitioners have stated, the Botox should not have any affect on your baby.

We were recently asked in a seminar if Botox and Restylane were safe for pregnant women, how come no physician will inject during pregnancy?  The answer is that when it comes to pregnant and breastfeeding women, anything that isn't absolutely necessary for proper health (when it comes to pharmaceuticals) is not administered.  It's simply a liability issue.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Not likely to be a problem

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It is unlikely that either of these naturally occuring substances would result in any problems but it is important to let your Obstetrician know.

It is also unlikely that your obstetrician would truly do anything different so don't expect any tests or interventions other than observation.

As stated previously, this probably happens more often than we know. There are no reports of adverse problems seen in the doses delivered this early in the pregnancy.

Try not to beat yourself up. WE commonly advise no alcohol either and during the intial months of pregnancy many women have consumed small amounts of alcohol while unkowingly present without any problems.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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