Restylane and Anti Arrythmic Medication Combination Safe?

Hello, I am taking flecainide and propranolol for heart arrythmia. My condition is stable though, and overall, I'm healthy. I am considering having restylane injected again. I've had these injections before, when I wasn't yet taking the meds. Is it still safe for me to get restylane injected? Thank you for your answer!

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Restylane and contraindications

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Restylane treatments while taking those medications aren't contraindicated. For a thorough review of specific contraindications and side effects, visit the web site below.

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Restylane and Heart Arrythmia Drugs

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There are no problems with Restylane, which is a hyluronic acid, or any of the other dermal fillers and taking the drugs that you do.  You have not mentioned if you are on a blood thinner like a lot of people who have cardiac arrhythmias.  If you are on a blood thinner there is an increased likelihood of bruising with any injectable.  You should be aware of this but you should not stop your blood thinner without express permission from your cardiologist.


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