Can Restylane Be Added to Lips Already Filled With Permanent Silicone Microdroplets?

I had silicone microdroplets injected into my lips about 5 years ago and would like my lips plumped out a bit more. I'd like to just use a tiny bit of restylane in my lower lip and to correct some uneven-ness in my upper lip (one is higher than the other), to see how it looks before committing to more silicone. Can this be done? Can the 2 be combined with no bad effects?

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Restylane and lips with implants

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Yes, you can add Restylane to your lips. However, be sure to provide your previous history and information regarding your lip implants - proper placement and injection technique is crucial for best outcome with an implant.

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Restylane - Can Restylane Be Added to Lips Already Filled With Permanent Silicone Microdroplets?

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Probably yes, although there is always the possibility of an unanticipated reaction since there are two materials in there.  Plus there is undoubtedly some scar tissue that has formed as a result of the previous injections.

The good news is that Restylane can be reversed (dissolved, actually) with hyaluronidase.  So if there is any question of a problem after the Restylane has been added, you can "undo" it.  There are very few treatments that can say the same.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

Combining Restylane with Silicone

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Since it has been a long time since the silicone was injected, I think it is likely OK to inject the Restylane at this time.

Julio Garcia, MD
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