Restricted Foods After Gastric Bypass

Is it true a person can't have soda after bypass surgery because it will make the pouch swell? What other foods are off-limits after bypass surgery?

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Restricted Foods after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Your dietitian is correct. Carbonated beverages are off-limits due to the fact that they will expand the pouch. Also eating and drinking at the same time is also not recommended due to the fact that you will be able to eat more food if you wash it down with water or other liquids. The most important thing to eat is protein. 75% of your meal should be a protein, the other 25% of your meal should be a fruit or a vegetable. Starches such as pasta rice or bread should be limited.

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Restricted foods after gastric bypass surgery

We recommend no carbonated beverages after weight loss surgery.  We also recommend a high protein, low carbohydrate diet.  It is variable which foods patients will tolerate or not tolerate after gastric bypass so it is trial and error.  Ice cream and cookies and cakes are not recommended of course.

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