What Can Be Done to Restore Volume in my Lip?

I was inject with artifle in ONLY ONE side of my lip, I had it removed and now my upper right side corner of my lip is deflated with no volume, How can I PERMANENTLY restore my lip volume, what are my options, I am not really interested in have a foreign injection to my body any more as they are unpredictable with time, no implants either..I am contemplating about FAT injections but too many bad reviews, is there a procedure-reconstruct volume out there to bring my lip volume back? Thanks a millions

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Correction on one sided lip defect

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If it is only your upper right side corner that is the problem, a small procedure called a lip lift (with possible mucosal advancement) may help (would need to see pictures first). Since you have ruled out fillers, fat grafts may be the other option. They do work when done properly but may need a touch up.

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Lip augmentation

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You really have very few options. If you do not want implants or fillers, then your only option is fat. Fat is permenant and yours. However you will need two to three treatments to get your desired volume. Yes it is more surgery, but then again, it is your own tissue and permenant.

Lip Implants are one of the nicest ways to restore permanent volume to your lips

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There are 3 major lip implants now that look very natural and do great in the lips.  They are easy to put in and easy to remove if you ever want them removed.  It is done under local and in about 20 minutes for a cost of $1500-2000 per lip.

David Hansen, MD
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Lip enhancement

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Lip enhancement can be done with Hyaluronic acid, or fat transfer.

The reason you see bad reviews for fat transfer is because it is done by nonqualified persons and no experience.

I think fat transfer remains the best permanent alternative when done right.

Expect to do it more than once to achieve the results you want. Fat is injected in small amounts for good take and a second procedure some times is needed.

Fat transfer is superior but requires expertise and attention to details. This is the two main reasond for bad results in inexperienced hands

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Restoring volume in the lip after removal of a permanent lip filler or implant. Know your options

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Great question and you do have other options other than fat injections to the lips. Fat is a great option for the lips and should be injected in very small droplets under the lip line and in the red mucosa. It works but can be unreliable and may take repititive injections, but it can be permanent. Other options are a lip lift which entails an incision at the base of the nose which can shape and lift the upper lip. Dermal fat grafts which are more solid than micro fat injections, though I have found these to be somewhat lumpy and stiff. A good autologous (your own tissue) if you have had a previous implant or filler would be Palmaris tendon, which is an expendable tendon in the wrist which can be removed easily and implanted in the lip. This is smooth and permanent.  There are also mucosal advancements which as well can be combined with fat grafts.

I hope this helps and let me know if you have questions.

Andrew P. Trussler, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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