Restore Nasal Bones After Infractures?

Hello, I'm french (excuse my english). I had reduction rhinoplasty 9 months ago but my nose is too narrow now while i am a man. I'm very unhappy. My surgeon perfomed lateral osteotomies (or intermediate maybe) without medial osteomy. I hadn't bony hump, just a cartilaginous hump. Now, my nose is laterally concave, very narrow. Is it possible to reverse osteotomies (out-fractures) when the noses were fractured low ? In that case, can we use spreader grafts to stabilize bones ? Thanks.

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Out fracturing of an overly corrected nose is possible but tricky.

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When the with of the nose is overcorrected by osteotomy, restoration involves re-fracturing the nose and then pushing and supporting the nasal bones laterally. This is a tricky operation.

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