How Can I Restore my Skin Texture and Pigment Back to Normal?

I did a 25% tca peel (spot treatment) 1 layer on my left cheek and when it peeled it was pink... I'm a african american female with dark skin so it was very pink...after a few days my skin where I applied the tca peel darkened back up to dark .... hyperpigmentation and the texture is a little bit rough like?

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TCA peel not a good idea on dark skin

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A TCA peel on african american skin was a bad idea.  You have now developed a post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and your pigmentation in this area may never get back to normal.  At this point I would treat you with a topical steroid and sunscreen.  A TCA peel, even a spot treatment, is never a good idea on a patient with darker skin types.  You need to go slower and consider a Jessner;s type peel in the future combined with topical products either with hydroquinone or consider SkinMedica Lytera.  

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