Restore my Broken Nasal Bone and Zygomatic Bone After 7 Years? (photo)

My nasal bone and zygomatic bone were broken at the age of 15. A friend of mine accidentally hit me with his elbow while we were playing basketball, it broke my nasal bone, and my zygomatic bones were no longer symmetrical. When I look into the mirror, a noticeable difference between my cheekbones could be detected with just one glance. I hope something could be done, they were both broken 7 years ago. Is it possible to restore my bones back?

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Yes, facial symmetry after facial fracture can be accomplished

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Thank you for the question.  Since it has been some time after your facial fractures the broken bones have healed.  Restoring the contour can be accomplished in one of two ways: re-breaking the bones and plating them or camouflaging the contour with an implant or filler.  Mild differences are best camouflaged  big difference are likely to need re-breaking and plating.

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