Is There Any Way to Restore the Appearance of Traumatized Bone on the Bridge of my Nose?

I had trauma to my nose when i was young and had surgery to remove a bone spur that was the result. my nose isn't as obviously deformed now but i'd like to attempt to make it even better and natural in the future. Is there any techniques in which something can be added to the bridge of the nose to reconstruct it and eliminate the appearance of past trauma? if so, how precise and accurate is it in creating symmetry in the bridge?

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Surgery to address traumatized nasal bones

There are many different techniques in revision rhinoplasty surgery that can address traumatized nasal bones. Usually both medial and lateral osteotomies are performed to straighten and realign the nasal pyramid. Cartilaginous dorsal grafts made of septal cartilage and/or ear cartilage can be fashioned and inserted along the bridge to camouflage any defects. Rasping of the bridge with a file is done to smooth any dorsal irregularities that may be present. This type of work is typically done by endonasal techniques, so an open rhinoplasty would not be necessary.  

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Camouflage graft for dorsal irreguarities

In many instances the best correction is achieved with a camouflage graft which can be harvested from the septum or ear that is used to cover and conceal the irregularities.

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Restoring Normal Appearance after Nasal Trauma

Any irregularities of the nasal bones after trauma can be improved permanently by repositioning the nasal bones or adding tissue such as cartilage or fascia. Fillers like Radiesse will provide a temporary result, but repeated injections every 12-18 months will be necessary to maintain the correction.

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Restore the Bridge of my Nose

Depending upon the degree of deformity there are many ways to correct this issue. First if a minor defect try a filler or fat graft or selphyl graft. If moderate than a surgical inserted graft of alloderm, fascia, dermis would help.  Finally a severe deformity needs a open rhinoplasty with either a cartilage or bone grafts. Since you did not place photos I would advise seeing in person a boarded surgeon. 

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Previous nasal trauma

Certainly if the nose is not to your liking and you have bony irregularities, the dorsum can be adjusted.

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Previous nose trauma challenges good surgeon

After nose trauma, with injury and deformity, the corrective surgery can be challenging because the surgeon never knows the full extent of the prior damage and how it will respond to future surgery.  Discuss this issue very carefully with your plastic surgeon and see what his or her expectations will be.  By your description, it sounds like there are techniques that can give you some improvement.

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Dr. Peterson

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Nasal reconstruction of the traumatized nose.

Yes, this can be done by adding bone or soft tissue to the nose. It is not like carving clay and will not be "perfect" though that is what good surgeons strife for. See an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to do this.

Toby Mayer, MD
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