Restylane Injection to the Marionette Lines?

HI 3 days ago I had restelyn enjected in my marrionette( 03mil less than half mil syringe) immidtaely i got red and few blisters appeared but i took aciclovir tablets and put zavirax cream, now no more blister but still red and llittle swallen when I look on the corner of my mouth inside my mouth is still red and still a bit swallen. I almost feel sick being so worried that I have something more serious. Or maybe the injection has caused nerve dammage and can stop blood supply to the face. Please help me.

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Restylane Injection to the Marionette Lines?

I strongly suggest contacting your medical provider immediately, he may prescribe you an ointment to settle the blisters that occured 

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Restylane Injection to the Marionette Lines?

Its very common after having a filler injected to have redness,swelling, and possibly bruising. It usually takes a full two weeks for restylane to settle to see your final result. Follow up with your medical provider immediately to further assist you with any other issues you may have 


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