I Had Restylane in my Lips Twice 4 Years Ago and It is Still There. Does That Make Sense?

The injections were 8 months apart and I had very large lips. I now use Omnilux new u at home. Is that why they are still very full?

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Permanent Results from Restylane Lip Injections Is Rare

The long lasting effect of Restylane in your lips that you are seeing is not the material. That has long ago been resorbed. You have had an uncommon, but fortuitous, collagen response to the lip injections. That is the only explanation that could account for such long duration of the treatment...which can now be viewed as a permanent result.

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Restylane for lip injections

This long after the injections indicates that the augmentation you have might be new collagen that your body produced as a response to the injections.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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