What is Its Post-injected Swelling Time and What Can Be Done to Treat It?

Hello! My name is Anna, I'm 33 years old and want to get a filler in my nasolabial area. I'm very concerned of the over swelling that some people experience. Even though I am not prone to bruising and swelling and since this is going to be on my face, I'm very concerned about it. I can't find any information on the average swelling time. It was recommended by my physician that I should use restalyne over Juvaderm. How long should I expect the swelling to last and what is best to treat it?

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Restylane and swelling

You could experience sometimes up to two weeks of swelling and/or bruising. It's a potential side effect, and expected that you will have some form of either, or both. Refraining from taking any blood-thinning products/supplements that aren't necessary a week prior to treatment, can help.

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What is Its Post-injected Swelling Time and What Can Be Done to Treat It?

Anna, several fillers work very well in the NLF's however there's no inherent magic in any filler...the magic is understanding the aesthetics of facial beauty when using fillers for facial shaping and contouring.  I prefer Perlane for this purpose and call it the "red carpet"  filler because people can literally hit the red carpet the same evening after having Perlane injections.

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Bruising and swelling

Let me preface this by saying that every patient is unique in their own way. Depending on several variables such as medication and vitamins that you are currently taking, you may or may not experience either of these problems. Most patients have minimal swelling and bruising following injections.

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Swelling from fillers

For most people, swelling and bruising will subside over a few days. However, there are people that can take up to two weeks for swelling and bruising to full subside after fillers. It helps tremendously if you don't take aspirin, Aleve, and other oral medications before the procedure for about 48 hours. It additionally helps tremendously if your injector uses lidocaine plus epinephrine before the filler, not just for the pain, but the epi helps with bruising and swelling as the solution stops the blood vessels from constricting in that area for a bit. Finally, after the procedure, don't press on or manipulate the area yourself - that irritates the skin and you can move the product injected. Simply apply ice throughout the injection day.

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