Can I Get Restalyne Now and Have Fraxel to my Face a Few Months Later?

I have been told its better to get fraxel first and then restalyne a few weeks later, however, I don't want to get fraxel until the winter months around October, if I got restalyne now to my face and then fraxel in a few months would the results be as good as the other way round. Would it make any difference?

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Restylane and fraxel laser resurfacing

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I don't think there would be any significant reason why you couldn't do them fairly close together - when you space the two treatments a few months apart it won't be any different than scheduling them within a week or two of each other.

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Restylane is great and by all means you can have Fraxel even a few weeks after

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You can do either Restylane or Fraxel a few weeks apart.  It would not matter at all which order you did them but you cannot do them at the same time.  That combination is usually the best for facial rejuvenation.  I think you will love the Fraxel.  It is my favorite laser!

Restylane then Fraxel...

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You can absolutely have Restylane injected now and Fraxel a fewe months later.  This will be no problem with that. 

Hope this helps. Enjoy.



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Grant Stevens, MD
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Yes, you can receive Restylane injections now and have Fraxel in the future.

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Yes, you can receive Restylane injections now and have Fraxel in the future, as soon as two weeks apart. There is no evidence that the Fraxel laser alters the filler in any way. I recommend either scheduling the filler injections a few weeks before Fraxel, or a few weeks after Fraxel. If you would like the filler injected around the eyes, I recommend scheduling the Fraxel first and the filler two weeks later due to the possibility of swelling that could displace the filler.

Sue Ellen Cox, MD
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Fraxel Dual or re:store (or any other laser) has no effect on your dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm

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It is quite alright to get filler now and then get Fraxel Dual a few months later.  There will be no change in the results of the filler and it will not adversely affect the Fraxel.  There are a number to studies to support this.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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