Can I Get Restalyne and Fraxel Laser Treatments at the Same Time?

I plan on getting one fraxel laser treatment and then getting Restalyne fillers because to me, I'd rather have a quick immediate fix than wait several months for lasers to help out my skin. I have pitted acne scars and hyperpigmented skin that is prone to redness. I have been using chemical peels for the past year and a half and have had wonderful results , but I want something QUICK. Can I get a fraxel treatment and THEN get Restalyne, and after I get Restalyne, can I continue getting Fraxel?

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Can I Get Restalyne and Fraxel Laser Treatments at the Same Time?

I wouldn't suggest having this treatment done all on same day due to the penetration of the laser, wait at least 2 weeks after before having Fraxel

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Restylane and fraxel at the Same Time?

Hi Rae.  We would not usually offer Restylane and a fractionated lasers on the same day because there is a possibility for interaction between the treatments and patients generally do not want injections immediately after Fraxel.  Depending on how deep the fractional laser is going, it is possible for that laser treatment to interfere with dermal fillers.  In this situation, we would rather have the resurfacing out of the way first and do the fillers the next week.  Same day injections after Fraxel would be very difficult as the skin is completely resurfaced and uncomfortable.

On another note, you said the reason you were doing Fraxel was because you have pitted acne scars and reddish skin.  Fraxel is a good option for textured skin like the acne scars but will not help with redness.  In fact, during the recovery process you should be very red, much more so than normal.  If you are looking to treat redness such as Rosacea, consider pulsed dye lasers such as the VBeam and Vstar.  These are the best for redness.  Good luck.

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