Who is Responsible for the Cost of a Revision if My Doctor Was Wrong About Not Sagging? (photo)

5 months ago I went in for a Breast Augmentation and Lift due to having saggy breasts after my pregnancy.My surgeon suggested I didn't have a lift because the size of the implant would lift the breast on its own.About a month after my surgery,my breasts started to sag and one is larger than the other one.Over this 5 months they have gotten worse and worse! I am wanting either a lift or an internal bra,what are my odds of having a revision where I am not fully responsible for all fees?

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Who is Responsible for the Cost of a Revision if My Doctor Was Wrong About Not Sagging? (photo)

Most board certified plastic surgeons have a revision surgery policy in place, which patients are given, asked to read and sign, at their preoperative appointment.  Check to see if you were given one.  Often, there is a lot of paperwork prior to surgery.  It can be quite confusing sometimes. 

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Patient Satisfaction

Breast implants of any size do not significantly lift the implants. It may help for subtle corrections. Each office has a different protocol to ensure a patient is satisfied. If you approach the plastic surgeon in a calm manner, he/she may discount the fees to ensure your happiness.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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Implants alone do not lift a sagging breast

Thank you for the question and the associated photos. Your case is a perfect example of why larger implants not not produce a "youthful" appearance when a lift is indicated. The larger implant and additional weight only worsens the condition you started with. You are right that you were a candidate for the lift from the beginning, but some surgeons still prefer to try the larger implant approach - this is likely that no patient actually wants more scars or additional costs when they have friends that have had a standard breast augmentation for a cheaper price. 

As you can see, the skin has relaxed and now you are left with larger, droopier breasts. The treatment for you will be a formal lift, downsizing the implants and some internal support of the existing capsule that has resulted since your last surgery. See a qualified and experienced board certified plastic surgeon who has experience in revisionary breast surgery. 

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD
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Do implants lift a breast?

In general I don't believe that implants actually lift a sagging breast. They fill out the breast/skin brassiere and in a relatively small breast with minimal ptosis they give the illusion of a lift. In my opinion your breasts were already moderately sized and certainly the nipple position was a bit low. I am not surprised by the result you got with an augmentation without a lift. You need to return to surgeon and calmly discuss your concerns. It would be reasonable to be charged something for the additional lift but hopefully it would be discounted considering the need for additional surgery.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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When you need a breast lift, implants alone won't do it

Breast implants of any size don't significantly lift the breasts if the nipple areola complexes have drifted down to near, at, or below the creases or are pointing downward.  The implants just make you bigger and fuller looking but not lifted.  Different doctors have different aesthetic judgements about needing lifts but sometimes they are afriad to tell you something you don't want to hear or tell you about the scars and the increased costs when a lift is added to an implant.   

So it isn't that your doctor owes you a free lift.  You just now know that you need a full lift to get a better looking result.  

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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