Can Anything Be Done to Resolve Dimpling Years After Liposuction?

3 years later...many dimples on my tummy...can anything be done to smooth out which once was a smooth tummy?

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Dimpling after liposuction

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It is possible that smoothening out the dimples after liposuction can be accomplished by lifting the depressions by using fat injections taken from elsewhere on you body. Sometimes it may help to lift the indentation first, by subcision, or gently cutting the collagen bands that are holding down the skin at the depression sites.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Can anything be done about dimples on my tummy three years after liposuction?

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Without seeing the exact nature of your problem I can only generalize my answer. Depending upon the depth and extent of the dimpling there are various approaches to fixing your problem.

1. Re-do the liposuction to even out the result. That is remove the hills and free up the valleys. This can be approached with the Slim Lipo machine which can improve skin texture and smooth out the surface.

2. If there are significant depressed areas then fat grafting to these areas prior to liposuction of the raised areas can be done. I prefer collecting the fat with the Body Jet harvesting cannister.

Joel B. Singer, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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