Sagging Skin After Botox Under Eyes- Will I Get a Refund?

I had botox 2 days ago & for the first time ever I've got sagging skin under my eyes, esp. when I smile. I did NOT have this problem before this. The injector encouraged me to have injections all the way under my eyes, something I have never had done before, and have been warned against. Aside from this, she did a good job but my eyes look awful. I intend to contact her tomorrow, but what's a realistic compensation? I'd at least like a refund of the treated eye area but is that reasonable?

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Sagging under eyes after Botox

Sagging skin under the eyes is unfortunately common if you get Botox under the eyes, unless you see a VERY experienced injector. The number of units used commonly under the eyes is exceptionally small, but it can result in sagging if it's not perfectly placed. The unfortunate part is that you said you were warned against doing this area before, and you still consented to do it. You shouldn't allow any injector to talk you into something you aren't comfortable doing. Regarding your refund request, to be honest, I doubt it. You consented to a procedure and even though you don't like the effects, you got it done. If you wanted a refund only for that area, you're talking probably only about $30-$40, as the units used under the eyes are so small. I'd at least suggest you talk to the injector about your unhappiness, but in the future, don't sign up for things you've been warned against and let yourself be talked into things.

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