Resolution of Small Seroma with Weekly Aspiration & Abdominal Binder?

I had a rectus plication (not TT) 7 weeks ago & now have a small seroma in my lower abdominal area. 8-10ml is being aspirated weekly from it & I have been wearing abdominal binders continuously (removing for showers only). In your experience, how long does it usually take a seroma of this size to resolve with weekly aspirations and use of abdominal binders? ( I understand each case in unique.) Is there anything else I should be doing to encourage its resolution?

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Small seromas

usually resolve with serial aspirations as you are having and usually resolve in 3-4 weeks.  If it doesn't, your doctor can guide you through options for resolving this problem.

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Small Post operative seroma

Post operative seromas following a TT. Serial aspiration is often the most effective approach. Other options include utilization of compressive garments or binders and diuretics. Please consult back with your surgeon for directions. It can sometimes take several weeks for these post operative seromas to resolve. Best,

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