Reshaping Nosebridge and Tip? (photo)

Hello, I'm a girl, and I have always been conscious about my nose. I think the tip of my nose is too round, and there's a little hump on my bridge. On the right side of the bridge, the hump is bigger, which you can see clearly from the left side of my face. I've added pictures of what my nose looks like, and the photo's I've edited. I was wondering if this is realistic/achievable and how will the procedure be? Will there be an open/closed surgery and how will the tip be reshaped? Kind regards

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Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty

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 Correction of both the Bulbous or Broad tip is a very common procedure performed by Rhinoplasty surgeons. Your expectations do not seem excessive. However, please do not anticipate that your surgeon will be able to get the exact result you have produced with your morphed photographs. Consider a consult for a Rhinoplasty focusing on your nasal tip. Take your morphed  pictures with you to the consult. It should be of great assistance to your surgeon. You should do great. Best,



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

Columbia Plastic Surgeon

Reshaping nose bridge and tip

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A bulbous or round tip can be addressed through cartilage removal as a conservative technique when only a minimal amount of cartilage is needed to be removed from the tip.  If there is a large boxy tip, bothtip suturing techniques and cartilage removal is performed during the closed rhinoplasty technique to improve the tip contour.  It is also important to address any hump removal and osteotomies if needed at the time of the rhinoplasty.  We prefer closed rhinoplasty techniques for primary rhinoplasty and do not feel that open rhinoplasty is necessary.

Nasal tip refinement.

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It looks like this is an achievable result.  It is always key to have reasonable expectations, as it is easier to draw a morph with a computer than to work with flesh and bone.  Best to see an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.  Take the photos with you.  Together you will come up with the best plan for you...

Tip refinement

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I think your request is very achievable. You may need some subtle modifications to your nasal tip cartillages in combination with a slight hump reduction and shaping of the nasal walls. The surgical aproach being open or closed depends a little on the strength of your cartillages and the thickness of your skin which you really need an in person examination to determine. Good luck

Thomas Buonassisi, MD
Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon
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