Reshaping Nasal Skin After Sports Injury

As a result of a sports injury my nasal bone was pushed toward the right and the bottom two-thirds of my nose became twisted. I recently had a rhinoplasty to improve appearance. A problem still exists: the skin is still twisted, although the bones/cartilage are straight. From the outside it still appears crooked. In the event that the skin doesn't naturally reform itself, is it medically possible to either surgically remove certain skin or 'reshape' it to make it lay properly over the nose?

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Persistent nasal deviation

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It's interesting that you say the cartilage/bone is straight, but the skin is not. I'm not sure how far out you are from surgery, but I wonder if you still have some tissue swelling of the skin causing asymmetric fullness?

Along the lines of your concern regarding skin redraping, sometimes blood can collect under the skin causing fullness. In some cases this can be treated with an injection of steroid. If this blood turns to scar tissue and the steroid injection doesn't help, a revision procedure to remove the scar tissue may allow the skin to drape better.

Crooked nose rhinoplasty

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If you are indeed correct and the bone and cartilage are straight, then with time, the skin should re-drape appropriately, and you should have a straight appearance. It is common to have asymmetric swelling in the skin after rhinoplasty; however, if this asymmetry persists, my guess is that the bone and cartilage is not as straight as you may think. Hope this helps.

Ryan Greene, MD, PhD
Fort Lauderdale Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nose still crooked after Rhinoplasty

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 IMHO, that's a misconception that your skin is somehow not redraping properly.  If your nose is still crooked after your Rhinoplasty it is because the underlying bone and cartilage, of the nose is still crooked, not the skin.  Wait for the 6-9 month healing phase for swelling to subside before making the final determination.  Should the nose remain crooked, at that point, you can choose to live wiht the result from that Rhinoplasty or have a Revision Rhinoplasty in an attempt to make the nose more straight.

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