Reshaping and Filling out Lower Butt to Lose Dimples and Increase Volume? (photo)

Hi, I am 26 years old 5'4 and 160 pounds. I am currently trying to get my weight down to 150. After losing weight a few years ago cellulite appeared in thighs & butt. The upper area of my butt seems ok, but the lower part of my butt is dimpled, flat and dropped. It basically sits on my thighs. I would like only the lower area of my butt lifted, round and full so that it is more appealing. Would just a simple lift fix it or fat transfer? Or weight lifting?

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Brazilian butt lift and dimpled and flat

I've used fat injection to correct this type of problem several times before and it worked very well. My goal this type of problem is to strengthen the bottom of the buttocks to match strong top half the buttocks which has a good shape. So the majority of the fat injection is to the bottom half of the buttocks. The dimples will be much improved but will not go away completely. This type of problem occurs in patients after weight loss. If you look at the before and after photos in my profile or website you will see that most people are little bit flat on the bottom.

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