Reserving a Sliding Genioplasty?

Hi, I'm unsatisfied with my sliding genioplasty which done about 8 months ago and would like to consider a partial reversal.  My doctor had moved my chin forward by 7.5 mm. I now feel that chin is really pointy and over projects past my bottom lip by about 1mm (in profile) - making me look overly masculine and cartoony. I had discussed these problems with my surgeon in my 1 month follow-up, but we decided to wait for the swelling to subside.  Is it possible to do partially reverse chin back by about 3mm now that I'm 8 months post-op? Has anyone done this before?

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Chin reversal

it is really not a major issue to alter the shape and projection of the chin again. Depending upon the type of 'fixation' used for the chin surgery, one can remove it and change the position; or alter the projection with recontouring etc

One key issue is to determine 'why' the chin looks pointy. Commonly, the narrowness of the jaw is the cause and one must consider that as a factor in the chin movement at surgery; the profile is one dimension but the frontal view is really more critical

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Reserving a Sliding Genioplasty?

Thank you for your question. Any revisions to an existing surgery always has risks. I would wait a full year to consider a revision, and then carefully go over all your options, risks, and potential benefits. I hope this helps.

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