How long should a Bridge be guaranteed by a dentist if he initially did not cement it permanently?

I had started to put a bridge in on Dec. 2014. The actual teeth were put in Jan. 2015. He said he was temporarily putting the cement in until the gums had a chance to shrink. I was told to go back in March or April to finish the cement permanently. He did not do anything, he said it was good. Went to get my teeth clean in Oct. and I had a cavity under the bridge. Went back and supposedly it was done correctly. Now I have on on distol margin on #11.

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There are no guarantees with dentistry

Just like medicine, nothing is guaranteed.  Every BODY is different, every situation is different.  We have data to predict averages, but for every bridge that lasted 40 years, there is one that lasted 6 months.  The cement is not important, sometimes "temporary" cement is used permanently (most commonly with implants).

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