I Requested Lab Crowns Vs CEREC for Anterior Teeth. Doc Now Has Ordered Prismatik CZ. Is This Better?

I am very concerned about esthetics and took your advice re: lab made crowns for my front teeth. My dentist agreed to use a lab based on my concerns. He ordered Prismatik CZ for me, and the case has been sent back twice because they were too dark (I'm a B1). I also thought they were rather flat with some translucency. Is this due to CAD/CAM technology? Is it the same as CEREC? Will Prismatik give a natural esthetic result? Are there better options? I've been wearing ugly temps now for 4 weeks.

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Empress Crowns are the best all porcelain crown

I recommend Empress all porcelain crowns made in the lab off of digital impressioins via iTero made by Cadent. I send all patients to the lab for the ceramist to meet them face to face for custom shading.

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Material selection for crowns

There are many porcelain options for great esthetics and the quality depends on the lab and dds relationship. I have seen beautiful restorations with procera, emax, empress, and even porcelain fused to metal crowns. I am concerned that the temporaries are "ugly". the provisional restoratios should reflect the contour, shape and feel of what the final crowns should look like. With that being said i feel that in my hands the empress  (leucite porcelain) from ivoclar are the most esthetic. They are from Ivoclar and you can look on their website and get some info. I also like for the incisal edges to be cut back and layered vs. just using stains to color the crowns. I feel the cut back porcelain give more depth and natural texture.

Porcelain dental crowns

Ceres crowns are those crown usually made I office they are milled on the spot in the dental office sometimes they can be milled in a dental lab and stained. Prismatik CZ is a porcelain materiL that labs use to fabricate dental crowns. Each lab uses different porcelain systems and as a result depending on who is producing the crown each of the material can be extremely aesthetic. There is a tendency today to use EMAX crown a they are really strong. You should trust the dentist you choose o select the best material to create life like restorations that match you expectations.

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