Is It Possible to Reposition the Columella?

Is it possible to have the Columella ( hopefully that is the correct name, the area the incision is made for a open rhinoplasty ) moved slightly upward? What is involved if there is such a procedure? Thank you.

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The columella can be repositioned but do you have a hanging columella or alar retraction?

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The columella can be repositioned in most cases. However, your doctor must correctly assess whether you have a "hanging columella" (one that is too long) versus "alar retraction" (side of the nostrils too high). Good looking noses are well-proportioned and the alar / columellar relationship is just one aspect of many that can be improved.

One way to assess whether one has a hanging columella versus alar retraction is from the profile view. First the bottom of the columella to height of the nostril should be about 2-4mm. Second, draw a line along the long axis of the nostril. Approximately 1/2 should be above the line and 1/2 below the line. If you have more than 1/2 of the width below the line, then there is a hanging columella. If more than 1/2 of the width is above the line, then the ala are retracted.

It is technically easier to reduce a hanging columella than alar retraction, but any experienced surgeon board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery should be able to create a surgical solution for you. Hope that helps. Thanks.

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