What Are The Dangers Of Replacing a Missing Molar? X-Ray Attached.

Thank you for your answers. I'm attaching an X-ray, hoping that this will help you understand better my situation. Do you believe that the bone mass at the gap is sufficient for an implant? Do you identify specific dangers if the molar and wisdom tooth will be moved towards the front, apart from the fact that in general the latest is a difficult proceedure? I was told that the two back teeth would be moved by the roots together with bone. Thank you very much again for your valuable help.

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Possible solutions for moving teeth

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if you can get the orthodontist to upright the back 2 teeth then you should be able to get an implant in the missing position. moving the teeth forward to close the space is tough and would take some time. i think that if you wanted to save money the ortho option to move the teeth forward  to close the space would be best but would take the most time. the cost of ortho and an implant to fill the space greatly increases total cost but would be quicker fix! As far as dangers i am not sure there is anything really to be scared of. 

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