Replacing Invisalign Buttons?

I just had my "buttons" put on today. There are 14 of them in all (seven top, seven bottom) the top are what really bother me. There are buttons on all six of my front teeth (incisors and canines).

The buttons on my incisors are towards the bottom of the tooth and therefore are very visible. Is there any chance of having these buttons moved or even removed?

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How many Invisalign Buttons are necessary?

It is possible to re-program the case to have fewer buttons, however, it may affect the outcome. Usually, buttons are placed because we need to be able to torque or rotate a tooth to a better position. If the button is not there, we may be able to tip the tooth into alignment, but not rotate it to the ideal position. I would meet with your dentist to discuss your options and see if there are any buttons you can forego.

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The buttons are placed on your aligners for certain teeth as anchot and also for certain teeth for defined movements. IF you take them out your treatment might not track as planned and the end result might not be satisfactory.

Unfortunately they cannot be moved also as the buttons are already programmed in all the aligners which you are yet to get.

Bobby Virk, DMD, MSD
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