Can replacing Breast Implants with Fat Transfer be done in the same surgery, or do you have to wait 6 month? (photo)

I had breast augmentation done 4 times & capsule formed around my right implant. I am now considering removing implants & replacing with fat transfer. Current breast implants are 325cc and 350cc & bra size 36B. Must I wait 6 months between removing the implants & fat transfer? I have very little natural breast tissue and would be more than happy with a full B-Cup or small C-Cup. Can this be done in one operation or are 2 - 3 fat graphs necessary? Does the fat get injected above the muscle?

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Fat transfer vs implants

I think that if you want fat transfer for breast augmentation, then you should remove the implants first and allow the breasts to settle down and for the pocket to close

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Can replacing Breast Implants with Fat Transfer be done in the same surgery, or do you have to wait 6 month?

Sorry to hear you are having problems with capsular contracture--that is a very problematic issue!  Certainly it is possible to do some fat grafting outside of the pocket where the implant was at the same time. However, in many situations when a decent sized implant is removed a lift is also needed at the same time and you may need a few sessions of fat grafting to get to a final result.  Have you spoken to your plastic surgeon about other options to decrease CC rates?  In our practice we often use an acellular dermal matrix at the same time as capsulectomy, implant exchange, neopectoral pocket, and fat grafting to decrease CC rates.  Additionally, the postoperative Aspen protocol and possibly singulair are other adjunctive treatments to aid in reduction of CC rates.  You may want to discuss all of these things with your surgeon before making your final decision.  Certainly, I would suggest making sure that you are working with a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in complicated revisionary cosmetic breast surgery--it does make a difference! Good luck!

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