Replacements of Broken Bones in Face?

Years ago I broke some bones in the left side of my face, not sure excastly which bones it is. But I think it is some where around the eye and cheekbone. But my left side of face is flatter than the right and my left eye sinks a little in to my head. What should be done and who should I go to, to get a more symmetric face. (Sorry for my bad english)

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Unilateral cheekbone fracture

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  A unilateral  cheekbone fracture is best treated cosmetically with a one-sided cheek implant. The cheek implant is composed of Silastic, inserted through an intraoral approach, and placed directly over the maxilla were  it was fractured inward and downward. The size of the implant to be used is determined at the time of consultation, so that the both cheeks become symmetrical after the procedure.

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Cheek implants

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You may want to consider augmentation of the flattened side with cheek implants, depending upon the location of the deficiency. This may be easier than trying to restore the bone back to its pre-injured state, especially given the age of the injury. 

C.W. David Chang, MD
Columbia Facial Plastic Surgeon

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