Should I Have Replacement Implants with Uplift?

9 years ago i had eurosilicon 325cc taking me to a E cup. I have since had 2 children and am now a F-G cup very saggy 33cm from breastbone to nipple. Ihave have been advised to have a full lift with no new implant which would make me roughly a Dcup.... I'm 5'10" and weigh 15 stone 7 oz, so i'm not small framed! I'm very concerned that athough my boobs will be perky they won't have that fullness and cleavage, even though i do have quiet alot of natural breast tissue! Any advice on implants/not

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Replace Breast Implants after with Breast Lifting?

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Thank you for the question

Based on your description, you are a good candidate for breast lifting surgery. You do raise a good question however:  whether you will be happy without breast implants?

Generally speaking, patients who undergo breast lifting surgery only MAY  lack superior pole volume/fullness. Although the breasts are lifted,  they  may desire additional volume/firmness/fullness that can be best achieved with breast implants.

Sometimes, the best option for patients may be to undergo breast lifting/reduction of natural breast tissue along with the use of breast implants to achieve more superior pole volume/fullness/firmness.

Discuss your goals clearly with your plastic surgeon (is I prefer the use of goal pictures). Make sure you feel comfortable that your plastic surgeon understands what you are trying to achieve.  If you feel that this understanding is not achieved with your current plastic surgeon,  seek additional opinions.

I hope this helps.

Replacement implants and lifts

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It is not really feasible to answer this question without photos and an exam but in general, think of implants and lifts as two different procedures that do two different things. Implants are just pillow volume. They don't lift the breast or actually make it perky although they can simulate these things. Increasing or decreasing implant volume, in general, would increase or decrease cup size. A lift is a repositioning of the breast and nipple-areola. It does not fill out the breast, give it tone or perkiness, or change cup sizes in a true sense. Again, it might change the look of the breast but not it's volume. 

There are limits to how much bigger or smaller the implant can be and still fit and there are still some issues with combining a lift with implants, particularly for larger ones. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Implants with Lift or not?

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Based on your description it sounds to me as if you may have adequate breast tissue to get a nice result from removing the implants and doing a mastopexy (lift), especially if you desire to be a smaller cup size.  However, I suggest that you give your plastic surgeon the option to place a smaller implant and/or remove breast tissue with a similar sized implant if it appears intra-operatively that you would get a result to meet your expectations.  Sometimes, it is difficult to predict the end result pre-operatively.

Christopher W. Chase, MD
Chattanooga Plastic Surgeon
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