Replaced Mcghan 270 Filled to 300 Mods with Mentor 275 Filled to 300 Mods.Why Are Mentors More Rippled,saggy, Less Projection?

From both companies 300 is the max allowed fill volume. On paper the specs are almost the same despite the different profiles from different companies. Specs on Mcghans ( allergan ) were: 270 max filled to 300 --11.5 cm diameter and 4.3 projection(medium profile) Specs on Mentor were: 275 max filled to 300--11.7 cm diameter and 4.2 projection ( low profile)

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Saline breast implants should be overfilled beyond manufacturers' recommendations.

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1)  There is published material about this.  Unfortunately, the manufacturers' recommendations have to do with FDA bureaucratic issues and not with the latest clinical information.

2)  We overfill a 275 cc implant to at least 325 cc's, and I believe many plastic surgeons do the same.  This helps to minimize rippling.

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