Hi I Replaced my Main Griding Teeth with a Brige- Now Black/Decaying

Hi i replaced my grinding teeth with a ceramic bridge,When doctor is fixing the bridge for better support he went on grinding the ceramic material on top of bridge til it leaves a little hole on bridge.Now the bridge came out when i went to re fix it i found my supporting teeth are very black in color. and got to know that it a decay which has to be removed and a POST has to be put for that teeth since if the decay is removed there will be no structure of teeth and hence it cant support bridge. Now what?

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Black and decayed teeth, bridge

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It sounds as though there are a few things going on here.  If this bridge was recently placed, then you need to go back to the dentist and explain the situation. Especially if there is a hole present. When you saw the teeth underneath, and it was dark, it could very well be from an old silver filling which had stained the tooth prior to the placement of the bridge. Not always can the stain be removed.  So, the darkness is not necessarily a cavity. Overall, I feel you should return to the office and have the dentist take a lok at the situation. Dont be afraid to express your concerns.  Good Luck!


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