Keep or replace strattice with implant revision & exchange from 350 cc mentor plus to sientra shaped?

I wanted to thank the doctor who kindly replied but I didn't know how I am rather tall (5'10") &?a little old Nevertheless since I plan to get shaped sientra ?350cc-400 cc my question is should I remove or replace the existing strattice which prevented reoccurrence of CC or leave it in place &?? Add more I have little remaining natural breast tissue due to prior infection/ explanted & capsulectomies would 400 cc sientra shaped classic look bigger or smaller than 350 cc mentir plus I am currently 38 B

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Keep or replace strattice with implant revision & exchange from 350 cc mentor plus to sientra shaped?

Once acellular dermal matrix has been utilized, it incorporates into the patient's native tissues (within weeks/months). Although your plastic surgeon may visualize a color difference during surgery, it should not affect your surgery at all (removal of Strattice not necessary). Best wishes.

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Remove Strattice

There is no reason to remove or replace Strattice, as long as your are not having any problems with it.  Over time, it does not act like an implant, but rather like your own tissue.  Choice of size/type/style of implant would be determined during a consultation.

Dennis Dass, MD
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Keep Strattice in breast implant revision

There is no reason to remove the Strattice form your previous revision, but the size choice for the implants is something to determine with your plastic surgeon. One thing to be careful of is that if you are going to a shaped rather than round implant, it may be more likely to rotate without doing a capsulectomy, which would involve removing the Strattice. Stay with round implants.

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Breast Revision With Shaped Implants

Breast Revision With Shaped Implants

There are many issues here. Volume is volume, whether shaped or round. Most women wearing a 38 B would be in a range of 350 cc to 400 cc. A 36 B would be 325 cc to 350 cc on average.The strattice is incorporated into your body tissue and is not removed. The shaped implant may be a good idea base on your body dimensions but your doctor needs to go by the measurements of your breast and the implant.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Strattice and Shaped Implants


You should not try to remove acellular dermal matrix that was placed in a prior procedure, unless it is part of a problem. In most cases, it has integrated into the scar capsule around your implant and is not removable without removing scar capsule too.

The 400 cc Sientra classic is a centimeter taller and almost a centimeter more projecting than a 350 cc Mentor Mod Plus, so it is likely to appear visibly larger, but not too much.

Best of Luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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