REPLACE or REMOVE my Implants? (photo)

Silicon Gel 220cc Above the muscle Was 34B Now 34D I had my BA done 10 years ago. After weeks of surgery, my implant was poking through my skin. My surgeon said I have a capsular contraction and that it is normal. Two weeks ago, my implant had pushed through my skin. It was removed but not replaced. The Doctor suggested not to put a new one to avoid getting the new implant infected. I now have 2 different breast size. Should I get new sets of implants or completely remove it? Please help.

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Replace or Remove implant

What does the left side look like without a bra?  Obviously it is smaller, but is there a lot of breast sag following removal of the implant? If you prefer the right breast size to the left and/or removal of the implant has resulted in too much breast sag, the standard would be to wait approximately three months before replacing the left implant.  That would make you symmetrical again.  If on the other hand you prefer the left breast size (perhaps you are larger now than you were 10 years ago when you first had the augmentation) and there is not a lot of sagging then simply remove the right implant. That is the simplest and least expensive course.  It is also possible to remove the right side now to correct the asymmetry and replace both implants in three months, but that is more expensive.  Also keep in mind that removing implants and re-implanting at a future time can be less predictable in terms of final result.

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