Do I Need to Replace my 1 Year Old Silicone Implant with Another when I Have my Capsulectomy?

My saline implant(480cc)deflated after 6 years and I had it replaced within 4 months of deflation with Natrelle silicone implants(700cc.) I had a capsulectomy. I am 15months post surgery and this same right capsule has a contracture. The PS has recommended I remove the implant and keep it out for 2 months, and then do the capsulectomy and replace the implant with a new one. Would it be acceptable to just do the capsulecotmy and immediately put the same implant back in...(due to lack of funds!)

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Optimizing a good outcome after capsular contracture surgery

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A capsulectomy for recurrent capsular contracture should often be performed with implant exchange to minimize any theoretical risk of capsular contracture recurrence. 

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Capsular contracture and implants

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Recent theories suggest that putting back an old implant in a pocket with a capsular contracture is not recommended. Some would remove the capsule and replace the implans.  Some would remove the capsule and implant and come back in a few months and place a new implant. 

Steven Wallach, MD
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Can old implant be reused?

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I would not replace the old implant-particularly two months later. There are too many issues as to infection control, going outside the standard of care and certainly breach of warranty. I would ask your plastic surgeon to clarify why he wants to wait two months prior to reinserting an implant as opposed to capsulectomy and replacement in the same surgical procedure.

Replacing implant with capsulectomy

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It is certainly an option to do a capsulectomy and use the same implant.  There is debate as to whether to use a new implant in all cases of capsule contracture depends on the degree of contracture, age of othe implant, how many times it has recurred,  whether to also use an ADM, and costs.  Discuss these issues with your surgeon.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

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