Can I Replace my Two Front All Porcelain Tooth Crowns with Lava Crowns? (photo)

My two front teeth are crowned with porcelain crowns, done at seperate times with atleast a 1-2 year gap. My two front tooth crowns do not match in colour/size/shape or thickness. One crown is very grey and shines through the porcelain in certain light, the other is alot thicker/bigger than the other crown?!? I hope within the next month to get my front 4 teeth crowned with lava crowns as I herd they would be the best for my situation, Would I be able to replace my front crowns with lava crowns?

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Lava would work

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You could absolutely replace the front with LAVA crowns. A more esthetic option would be EMAX crowns. Keep in mind that you have a very narrow upper arch, and whichever crowns you choose, make sure they "flow" in your arch. Also, you are most likely a mouth breather and may want to get checked out for sleep apnea due to you constricted arches.

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Should I Get New Porcelain Crowns?

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I think that there are several options to improve your current smile.

1.  You are a great candidate for orthodontics (braces) as you have a very narrow arch that could be widened to create a more aesthetic appearance.

2.  Your gum tissues look inflamed and you should have them evaluated before proceding with anything else. 

3.  Gingival recontouring with a soft tissue laser would help in creating a symmetrical smile. 

4.  I would replace the current crowns with a material called EMax rather than lava.  This will give you the ultimate in aesthetics and strength. 

5.  For maximum aesthetics I would consider doing the front eight teeth.  This would be a vast improvement over your current situation.  If finances are a concern, at least attempt to do the front four teeth.  Good luck. 

Replacing Front Crowns

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I would talk to an orthodontist before doing anything else. Find out what your options are. I think you could get a much better result with some orthodontic treatment before replacing the crowns. Lava or eMax crowns would probably work well.

Paul D. Kantor, DDS
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New crowns lava?

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The answer is yes... Lava is a trade name such as empress, empress2,  emax, bruxzir, procera they all work and all have advantages and disadvantages the down and dirty is their is always a small trade off between esthetics and strength, but lava is a nice choice good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD      CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
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Can I Replace my Two Front All Porcelain Tooth Crowns with Lava Crowns? (photo)

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Older porcelain crowns, especially when they are done one at a time rarely match well.

In your situation new crowns will make a significant improvement. There is no reason why a very good cosmetic dentist can't hide the gray as well as get the sizes and shapes to match well. 

Because you have one of the next teeth over (the lateral incisor) set back, crowning (or veneering) it can make all of your front teeth look much more even.

Now is the time BEFORE you start, to really identify what a good result looks like to you. Communicate with your cosmetic dentist BEFORE he starts the new crowns so that you are all thinking the same things.

In cases like yous I typically have a wax design made to make sure I'M satisfied with it, and then to check to see that YOU like it as well. That's one of the best ways to preview it before you actually start the work.

You could consider meeting with an orthodontist (use one your cosmetic dentist recommends as the cosmetic approach matters here as well).

There is no reason why you can't get a very nice upgrade for your front teeth. You will ENJOY it!


Lava is a good product

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Depending on your goals, that may work out just fine.  However, there are some esthetic issues that could be worked out in advance.  The alignment of the teeth influence how they appear, and teeth that appear bulky often simply are poorly aligned.  I would suggest a consult with an orthodontist or experienced cosmetic dentist and consider "pre prosthetic orthodontics" before the crowns. 


If everything else is satisfactory, lava should be fine.  eMax is another material to consider due to its esthetics.

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